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Reviews of The Farhud

MASSIVE. AN IMPORTANT STORY. Black moves massive mounds of material ... to tell his important story ... you’ll be amply rewarded ... a worthy addition to the historiography of the modern Middle East.
CLEAR AND DRAMATIC. We are treated to not one but many well researched histories to help us understand why the Jews of Iraq were attacked so brutally in 1941, and why hatred of Jews remains so intense to this day, throughout the Muslim world. Black has a style of writing which is both clear and dramatic, helping to bring history to life. This book, then, is a valuable addition to the bookshelf, offering the reader a summary of extensive, important aspects of world history, awareness of the Farhud and a deeper understanding as to why this attack on the Jews of Iraq took place.
ELOQUENT. EXHAUSTIVELY RESEARCHED. Eloquently-written, and always sustaining reader interest ... As with other Black books, The Farhud is exhaustively researched ... Black takes his time setting the scene, not sparing the reader the graphic details. Graphic detail is what Black does best ... He also surprises us with little known facts ... Edwin Black’s The Farhud should be required reading for anyone who wants to understand the Arab-Nazi alliance at the root of conflict in the Middle East.