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Historians on The Farhud

MONUMENTAL AND EXHAUSTIVELY DOCUMENTED. Monumental in scope, Edwin Black's new book The Farhud sheds light on the under-researched, 14-century-long confrontation between the Caliphate and the Jewish communities, and offers new exhaustively documented details of exactly how the Pan-Arabist and Jihadist movement of the Levant, led by the Mufti of Jerusalem, al-Husseini, partnered with the Nazis during the darkest days of the Holocaust.
PROFOUND. INSIGHTFUL. Following the precedent set by his earlier works on vital issues, Edwin Black has produced another profound, insightful work of historic and contemporary significance. In The Farhud, Black presents well-documented truths about Arab-Nazi collaboration during the Holocaust. It will shed new light on the discussion of the Middle East and the Arab-Israeli conflict. This book fills a long-standing gap in our  understanding of the terrible events of 70 years ago and their continuing impact on today’s Middle East.
MASSIVE, TREMENDOUS, CAPTIVATING. A massive undertaking, Edwin Black has written in a captivating style a tremendous volume, with insight, clear presentation, and objective research, that will change the understanding of the Mideast story and the Arab-Israeli relationship, for generations and generations to come.
COMPREHENSIVE AND DETAILED. As in all of his books, in his latest, The Farhud, Edwin Black once again plumbs a wide array of primary sources on his subject, whether in pertinent archives, or published and private records. He reaches all the way back to the beginnings of Arab and Muslim relations to construct a comprehensive and minute account of their evolution to the tragic present.
RIVETING. MUST READ. Meticulously researched, a highly relevant resource for understanding the deeper layers of the Arab-Islamic/Israeli-Jewish conflict. Edwin Black’s The Farhud effectively portrays the roots of Islamic and Arab anti-Semitism and their historic continuity. The book is a must read for serious students and scholars of the modern Middle East, the Holocaust, and the Jews of the Arab world. Edwin Black’s dramatic writing flair gives the reader a riveting “you are there” feeling throughout the book.
ENORMOUS AND PROFOUND. The Farhud is a very deep and profound study using enormous resources which help us understand better the events of 1941.
CLEAR AND DRAMATIC. We are treated to not one but many well researched histories to help us understand why the Jews of Iraq were attacked so brutally in 1941, and why hatred of Jews remains so intense to this day, throughout the Muslim world. Black has a style of writing which is both clear and dramatic, helping to bring history to life. This book, then, is a valuable addition to the bookshelf, offering the reader a summary of extensive, important aspects of world history, awareness of the Farhud and a deeper understanding as to why this attack on the Jews of Iraq took place.